Kind Heaven is a concept for a new kind of Las Vegas experience. A mix of restaurants, music venues, and bars; disguised as a mythical South-East Asian country. An immersive experience with actors, secret passageways, and mystery. From the mind of Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction and Lalapalooza), this will be an experience like no other.
A poster in the train station advertising one of the many bars
Another train station poster, don't be fooled by "Limited Time Only" this will be a regular entertainment option headlined by Machine Girl 
Mock-up of an intricate neon sign for the Tiger's Paw bar
Mock-up of painting in the archway of the Boba-Cobra Bar
Boba-Cobra detail
Mock-up of the bar at Boba-Cobra
Mock-up detail
From the Kind Heaven cultural museum, a poster showing the past difficulty in getting to Jala
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