Skill Shot—Seattle Pinball List

Skill Shot, Seattle’s Pinball Zine, is a free publication distributed throughout the Seattle area 5 times a year. As well as other content, each issue features the Seattle Pinball List on the inside spread. It's a collaged poster that doubles as a directory of all the locations in town that have pinball and what machines are currently available. Here's a section of some of the best logotypes I've created. Each one is inspired by the pinball machine being featured that issue. Source material is located in each inset box.

We used this version of the logotype for a limited edition of t-shirts for the 2013 all-female Powder-Puff Tournament at Shorty's in Seattle.
Collage art from Bally's Baby Pac-Man (1982). Type face thanks to Ray Larabie from
Collage art from Gottlieb's Haunted House (1982). For issue 31 we had a limited print run special color edition. 
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